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With The Beatles

John, Georges, Paul, Ringo (J, G, P, R)


R. John ??

P. John ?? (silence) George ?

R. George ? (silence) John ?

Aucune réponse des deux

P. What are you doing on the other side ?

J. I am dead (silence) and so is George, I believe

R. John, you’re great at telling jokes but they’ve always been rather crude

J. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. I don’t have any

now. Life has come to a halt.

G. Un Temps, puis regardant John en hésitant  Same with me

P. Back then I didn’t have the time to realize you two weren’t there. Too many projects for me, maybe

R. Do you know how it happened?

J. I was in New York, a guy came up to me to ask for an autograph. That’s the last thing I remember. Signing has been my last project.

G. And ever since John has been trying to live like the Christ, and this rather hard,I can tell you.

P. Without music ? Without dope ? Without girls ?

J. Woman is the nigger of the world

R. Hey John you know you could get yourself in trouble for speaking like that nowadays

J. Nobody told me

P. What about you, George ?

G. I was at home. A man jumped over the garden wall and broke in through the window. He came to me, I felt drained of my energy. I remember when he knifed (stabbed) me in the chest. He was holding a statue of Saint Georges in his other hand ...I felt the taste of blood in my mouth.I knew that taste has the peculiar tang of death.That knife brought disease to my lungs

R. I say, this dying out is quite an awesome business

P. Anyway, all this doesn’t sound attractive to me. That’s why I’ll wait (awhile) a little longer. Could you get nearer to us ?

J. No way. We are split up by a 250 000 kilometres long border ( a 250 000 km border keeps us apart) The time of the finite world begins

R. Is this a new song, John ? Il entame « The time of the finite world begins » à la manière de Beatles, en tapotant ses doigts contre ses jambes. 

G. Have you written all the lyrics?

P. I can do the score if you like, John

J. It’s a song I can’t finish. It goes back a long way

R. Would you like it if Paul helped you this time ?

J. Paul can’t help. He is dead as well. He doesn’t know. He’s barefoot

R. entamant  les paroles de la chanson « Goodnight » « Now it’s time to say goodnight »

P. Stop it, Ringo,John isn’t funny. He’s never been.

G. Take it easy,guys. Shall we do a little meditation session ?

J. With dead people ? Something very,very quiet then

G. With a sitar. Shall I go and get my sitar ?

R. John, pardon me but you keep still a bit like during your bed-ins. Like in Amsterdam or Montreal. Which war are you protesting against this time ?

J. Against all the wars to come, and those that haven’t sprouted yet. (a time). That line, oh God, that line…

P. You only have to walk a few paces John…

R. Yes, just a few paces, and we’ll start our story all over again. All together.

P. All right John, let’s forget our resentments. The two of us can write these new songs, if you like…

J. But I can’t get across this line. And what else have we got to say? We’ ve said everything we wanted.

G. All things must pass.

R. Things? But George, you are not… things?

J. Yes,we are now. And even more than that. We are reissues. Reproduced forever reproduced.

P. Hey, guys, I am the one who does the job now. Ringo gave up a long time ago. Do you think I still enjoy singing «Hey Jude» in crowded stadiums sponsored by Coca Cola or insurance companies?

R. Hey Paul, you should show some respect for the guy who sold his White Album number 000 0001 for 79 000 dollars at an auction in support of charities!

G. You’re a decent lad,Ringo, I’ve always said you are. Come here.

Ringo fait mine de refuser gentiment.

J. All my life I have fought to open doors, pull down walls. Now I realise that the world I was dreaming of before: an open world, without borders, In harmony merely aims to be a mercantile world, with no desire, no curiosity, no originality. I don’t want to live there. Everything I have thought comes from that notion. This idea has always guided my life. (A time). You are the ones who should join us. (...)

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Haskell Junction, Renaud Cojo, Christophe Rodomisto
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